Ours is a family business that dates from 1974, making it one of the garden centres where quality is guaranteed.

  Nowadays, the company has point of sale facilities of approximately 9.000m².
  We sell all kinds of products and materials for the garden, and also create made-to-measure gardens for individuals, businesses and neighbourhoods.

  We have a team of professionals that specialise in the lay-out of gardens + the installation of irrigation facilities, manual or automatic. Additionally, we offer services such as maintenance of gardens, construction of walls, stone cladding, erection of pergolas, lighting for the garden, home delivery, etc.

  We provide all the necessary ingredients to make your garden unique: rocks, ponds, fountains , borders, roads, wood features, etc. We continually strive to improve in our work, by painstaking attention to detail, and in our customer relationships.

   Our goals require that our quality is maintained throughout our product range, and that our customers are aware of it, as they are ultimately the beneficiaries of our efforts.

  Our aim is to provide a comprehensive gardening service, satisfying the needs of our customers.